Template letter to partners/other local providers

Thanks to Robin at Haringey for this one. A template letter flagging up the survey and for sending out to partners with a copy or two of the posters – obviously change ‘Haringey’ to whatever suits your area and/or amend as you see fit:


Big Advice Survey 2014

I am writing to ask your organisation to support this survey which is running from now till March 2015. Please can you display the enclosed posters in a prominent/public place and encourage your service users to go on-line and respond at: https://bigadvicesurvey.org.uk/

Originally envisaged as a pan-London survey, linked to ASTF advice projects, this initiative has really taken off and attracted interest from across England. You know the about the importance of advice services and the data from this survey will help make the case in the context of public funding cuts. Your active support will help to ensure a strong response to this survey.

The design of the survey enables us to analyse the data at the [Haringey] level and provide some useful conclusions. A strong local response will make this dataset much more useful for us in making the case with funders/commissioners and others.

If you have any questions, need additional posters etc. please contact me.

Yours sincerely