Social Media

A few quick tips on promoting the survey on social media


  • feel free to copy and paste any tweets from @BigAdviceSurvey and use them for your own
  • use the #BigAdviceSurvey hashtag or mention @BigAdviceSurvey so I and others can retweet you
  • use the links below in your tweets. If you’re trying to get other organisations and groups to sign up to promote the survey link them to the Big Advice Survey website. If you’re trying to get people to complete the survey, the direct link will generate more completed responses than sending them here
  • aim for one tweet per day about the survey. If you’re stuck for time just retweet one of @BigAdviceSurvey‘s


  • we need lots of help with this – if you’re on Facebook keep plugging and sharing the survey on any business/organisation pages and also on your personal pages
  • the Facebook (and other) icons on the home page and on the Share page will automatically generate suggested text for posting


  • target other groups, organisations and bodies and get them involved promoting – use the sign up form
  • the two best links to circulate are to the Big Advice Survey website and the sign-up form (both below)
  • that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth circulating the direct survey link too every now and again!

Useful links for you to copy/paste and circulate

Sign up to updates:

The Survey video:

Survey website:

Direct to the survey:

Your Story: