Preparing the Executive Summary

Carrying on the spirit of collaboration, we’re now at the stage of preparing an Executive Summary and, once done, a final over-arching report we can publish and that people can use in their own work. More below – email that went out to ASTF projects involved earlier today:

Dear colleague

A group of us has finally finished coding all the qualitative data (10’s of 1000’s of open text responses) in the Big Advice Survey so it can now be added back in to the main data-set. We should finish adding it all back in within the next couple of weeks. You can see who has been working on this herculean task with me here, hats off to them:

Alongside that, Emily and myself are working on a way of offering you the full dataset in a form you can more easily use – the download from Survey Monkey is simply massive and, unless you have some experience as an analyst or equivalent, pretty impenetrable, at least in terms of getting something out of it. More on how this progresses shortly

In the meantime, we need to come up with a document we can all refer to that contains an executive summary of the whole survey data – what the main results were against each of the questions asked. When finished, this will also help us remain consistent whenever we talk about what the data is telling us

The first stage of this is to come up with a document listing all the key propositions regarding the data. I’ve attached a draft here. If you’re interested in adding to the document then please let me know by Friday 8th May. Otherwise, I’ll circulate a further draft with all the actual figures worked out and included in a couple of weeks

Best wishes


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