Many Eyes

I’ve invited others to contribute to the analysis of the Big Advice Survey open responses. The ‘many eyes’ invitation below was sent by email to all participating ASTF projects on 19 March 2015

Dear colleague

The Big Advice Survey has only 12 days to go and then the work on analysing it begins in earnest. With my colleague Emily, we’ve already done tons of work, developing coding frameworks, themes and so on. However, one of the things we need to do is finish coding all the open text responses (qualitative data) for each of the 18 questions that allowed an open response eg where people got to say a little more about their selection when answering a question

I want to crowdsource this part of the analysis – taking a ‘many eyes’ approach – and I need 12 or so volunteers who are interested in joining in. Knowing how busy we all are I appreciate this might be ambitious but, I reckon there must be a few of you who would like to get stuck in!

What is involved

  • At the end of the survey I give you a spreadsheet with all the open responses to a particular question included
  • Using the coding framework (also in the spreadsheet) you allocate the appropriate code to each of those open responses
  • You also have the option of providing what you think are the key points in what you’ve gone through to feed into the wider survey analysis

All the work identifying themes and developing the coding framework will have already been done for you so, it’s simply a matter of going through the responses giving each a code from the list. Any you are unsure about, just highlighting in red

What you get out of it

  • Early view of the actual data (we will sign a data sharing agreement in advance of this)
  • Opportunity to have some input into the coding framework itself and into other parts of the analysis
  • Inclusion in the advance circulation of the data/results
  • Your name/organisation included as the person who helped eg “Question 7. Coded by xxxxx of yyyyyy”. This would be both online as a special acknowledgement on the Big Advice Survey site and also in any published analyses
  • Better data at the end of it that you will more easily able to manipulate and to use in your work

Why it’s a good idea

  • It is a crowdsourced analysis, which I’m reasonably certain hasn’t been done in the advice sector before
  • It will help the integrity of our later assumptions about what the data is telling us and reduce bias in analysis
  • The additional people-power will mean that we are able to code every open response to each and every question
  • The final data that we make available (both to you and others) will be much richer and more useful to everyone

I have attached an example spreadsheet that includes a few open responses to one of the questions, some already coded, to show you the kind of thing you would get

If you are interested (or have any questions) please get back to me and I’ll start putting a list together



One comment

  1. ilegal

    A big thank you to the following people who are, as I type, working on coding all the qualitative responses:

    ALAN CLARK (South West London Law Centres)
    ALISON BURRELL (Brighton Housing Trust)
    JOANNE JOBLING (Calderdale CAB)
    JUDE DEAKIN (Birmingham CAB)
    MATT ALLBONES (Derby CAB and Law Centre)
    NANCY RAWLINGS (Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services)
    NICOLA SMITH (Plymouth CAB)
    SHA-KERA KING (Haringey CAB)

    And a special thank you to EMILY DAY of Wandsworth CABx, who is working with me on developing the coding frameworks (and keeping me in order)


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