Images for websites and social media

A couple of supporter badges – good for websites and blogs. Click to download the full-size version

supporter02        supporter01

A few square images – good for websites and blogs. Click on the thumbnail image to download the full-size 500 x 500 pixel version or, right-click the image and ‘save’ to get the 150 x 150 pixel version. Don’t forget to hyperlink the image to (copy and paste):

You can get the standard Big Advice Survey logos by clicking here

poster01web poster05web poster07web

poster13web poster14web poster26web

These ones work well on Twitter and other social media platforms:

poster01t poster02t poster03t poster04t poster05t poster06t poster07t poster10t poster11t poster12t poster09t poster08t poster13t poster18t poster17t poster16t poster15t poster14t


poster21t poster22t poster23t poster24t poster25t poster26t poster27t poster28t poster29t poster30t