Exec Summary

We are releasing the data in three stages. This isn’t to tease anyone, it just allows us to knock out more of the rough edges before we put the whole lot on the web (we never had a budget for this work, remember!)

First stage (public)

You can download an Executive Summary of the Big Advice Survey quantitative data here or by clicking on the image below. As its introduction says, it is intended only as a simple summary and something to be used to identify areas for analysis. That said, we think it is really interesting and some of the results quite an eye-opener


Second stage (ASTF project partners and invitees)

You will receive an email this morning inviting you to the Data Store. Further information is inside

Third stage (public)

We aim to make the whole dataset available online to everyone at the end of this month

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. If you are an advice network, educational institution or other recognised body with research and analytical facilities and would like to explore the data in advance then please get in touch