Change Log

We piloted the Big Advice Survey with representatives of the ASTF projects who were involved in promoting it. We also included a feedback option at the end of the survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give us feedback. Below is the log of all the changes we made to the survey, in chronological order, whilst it was live. All the changes were as a result of feedback left by respondents

1 December 2014

  • For clarification, added the text “eg on a blog or YouTube” to the answer choice ‘browsing the internet’ (Q: how did you find out about this survey)

2 December 2014

  • For clarification, added the text “Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender” to the question whether respondents identifed as LGBT
  • Removed the hyperlink to the Twitter account from the final page of the survey as people were being directed to Twitter rather than to the main website

3rd December 2014

  • Page logic: if respondents selected they did not experience any problems at all in the last twelve months they were taken to a page asking why they did not seek any help. It should have skipped this page. This was corrected and the responses people entered on the inapplicable page to navigate past it was removed from the results

4 December 2014

  • Page logic: if a respondent selected they lived in Bromley they were taken to the Brent page to enter the first part of their post-code. Corrected. Respondents would still be logged as living in Bromley from selecting Bromley, however. Also, where respondents entered a Bromley postcode on the Brent page this postcode would still be included in the Bromley entries
  • For clarification, added the text “including from a business or company” to the definition of what is a private landlord in the question asking respondents where they lived

20 January 2015

  • For clarification, in the final question asking how respondents found completing the survey added “easier to complete” to ‘better’, and “more difficult to complete” to ‘worse’. Also changed ‘about the same’ to “the same

19 February 2015

  • Typo: removed the word “you” from the question ‘If you medical help was sought because of the issue please tell us who was contacted or visited eg ‘doctor’ or ‘hospital’

14 March 2015

  • Typo: corrected ‘pease’ to “please” in the question asking respondents to tell us how they would prefer to contact such an advice agency