Various bits of blurb below – help yourself. These will be updated and added to on a reasonably regular basis so do check back. If you’ve something yourself that might help others, please reply to this post and share it! We’ll add some example tweets shortly – the paragraphs below should be good for websites, articles and other social media eg LinkedIn and Facebook

The Big Advice Survey is a national survey conducted at a local level. It looks at how we deal with problems in our daily lives and where advice fits in. It also explores the potential for alternative ways of delivering advice services as well as a range of other areas eg the relationship between advice and health and wellbeing

The Big Advice Survey is collaborative, created and promoted by individual Citizens Advice Bureaux and Law Centres and an incredibly diverse range of other organisations including solicitor firms, community groups, local businesses, foodbanks, housing associations, colleges and educational institutions. The Big Advice Survey went live on Monday 1st December 2014 and will run until the end of March 2015. It is the largest UK-wide front-line service collaboration for many years

It’s important we get as much local information as possible on the problems experienced by people who live and work in [area] and how they deal with them, especially the role of advice

Does easy access to information and advice really matter?

With more ‘cuts’ on the way, irrespective of the outcome of the Election, ‘advice’ will need to work hard to make the case for continued funding. The voice of the public – the people who use your service – can make a difference.

Promote the Big Advice Survey with your service users: 

Those of you in the [area] directory of services have already received a hard copy letter and some promotional posters. Please post them in your reception/public areas today!

Your can also promote the Big Advice Survey:

  • on your website and printed publicity
  • via your social media interactions
  • in your email signature etc.

The outcome of the Big Advice Survey will be available to the Big Lottery and the government. It could influence decisions at national level.

More importantly for you, an analysis at Borough (i.e. [area]) level will also be possible and this is where local advice agencies will most need to make their case as [area] Council looks for options in its £[amount] spending cut.

Of course you can just leave all of this for someone else to do … the fingers-crossed approach to future sustainability.

Or you could get stuck into showing your active support for this initiative TODAY by dropping into: 

[thanks to Robin at Haringey for this one]

This below is useful for sharing links by email with other groups:

The dedicated Big Advice Survey website: 

The (1 minute) YouTube video – can be embedded into websites:

Direct link to the survey itself:

Images for websites and elsewhere: and

Posters – there are loads – click the ‘Promotion’ tab at the top of the dedicated website for more options – here are the A4 ones: and here are some bigger A3 ones:

Blurb to use wherever:

Twitter account:






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